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King George VI has been the favorite Subject of Jaipur Watch Company since its inception when we introduced our One Rupee Coin watch, which borne the Portrait of The King George VI on one side and flower patterns and denomination on the reverse side. Known for using coins in our timepieces, this time we decided to do something which as per our knowledge has not been done by another watch brand till date in the country and the chances of this being done anywhere globally also are unheard of, we decided to use a Real Paper Postal Stamp dating between the period 1937 - 1947. This timepiece will be a new release to mark Jaipur Watch Company.

To emblazon a Stamp on a timepiece is to offer the most fitting eulogy to its glorious past, preserving it, forever. This is a limited watch with the dial being a real postal Stamp dating back to the period 1937-47. The value of the stamp starts from 3 Pies which is the lowest denomination of the stamp series which was followed by 9 Pies, 1⁄2 Anna and so on till 12 Anna.


316 L Grade Stainless Steel


King George VI Stamp, Princely state of Nabha, Violet


8 Anna


34 X 30.2 MM


7 MM




Ronda 1062 Quartz



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