Goddess Saraswati Automatic Watch

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Saraswati is the Goddess of education and wisdom. She is the deity of all sixty four types of arts including the fine arts of music, dance, painting, and sculpture and building architecture. It is believed that she is reading eternally to denote that learning never comes to an end.

She is shown seated cross-legged on a small rock by the side of a running stream, showing refinement. She is seen playing on the musical instrument veena, the finest music originated from her. She is holding traditional palm leaf manuscript. The divine beauty of Saraswati is arresting and beyond description.

The watch encased in 316L Grade Stainless Steel with a 40mm constructed frame with Sapphire Crystal on both the front and back to uncover the movement inside. It runs on the 9015 Slim Automatic Miyota Citizen, which created a perfect blend of unimaginable craftsmanship and modern technology.

The crown of the watch embellish Sapphire Stone. Intensifying the charm, the watch features a Nylon Strap and Unique Lugs giving it an exclusive appeal.

Case  316 L Grade Stainless Steel
Size 40 mm
Crystal Sapphire (Front and Back)
Movement 9015 Slim Automatic Miyota, Citizen
Crown Sapphire Stone on Crown
Strap Nylon Strap

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