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Brand: Jaipur Watch Company Model: FIL01
Filigree is a delicate embellishment in which skilled jewelers painstakingly solder fine, pliable threads of precious metal which are then twisted or curled into a beautiful artistic motif or design of the jewelry, or in this case, the 'Filigree Wristwear'...
Ex Tax:Rs.27,000
Brand: Jaipur Watch Company Model: IARD01
Miyota 8215 Automatic Movement with front and back sapphire glass. Precious stone on the crown. One Rupee Coin of British India Era centres the watch.King George VI Silver Coin as the Dial, Automatic Movement, Limited Edition, Serial Number Marked, Front and Back Sapphire Glass, Precious Stone on th..
Ex Tax:Rs.55,000
Brand: Jaipur Watch Company Model: JMP01 (40mm)
Jaipur Watch Company, India’s only bespoke watch manufacturer unveils its latest limited edition watch in its Harmony Collection—the ‘Jumping Hour Watch’, a unique timepiece that has a “hour window” instead of the “hour hand”!Unlike the traditional watch, where the hour hand sweeps the dial, this di..
Ex Tax:Rs.50,000
Brand: Jaipur Watch Company Model: PEACOCK WATCH II
The anticipation of rain, the smell of earth in the air, the tiny droplets of the first drizzle, and a beautiful peacock dancing in its sublime glory with all its feathers spread out, defining beauty and grace with every move is enough to mesmerize you and make you fall in love with nature..
Ex Tax:Rs.35,000
Brand: Jaipur Watch Company Model: TBE01
It is made out of Titanium metal, thus having low density and great corrosion resistance. Studded with four diamonds on its dial. Sapphire glass on top. Emerald Stone on the crown.Made out of sturdy Titanium material, One Paisa coin from the British India era as the dial, 4 Diamonds, Sapphire crysta..
Ex Tax:Rs.16,000
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