bespoke watches

When a Jaipur Watch Company timepiece is commissioned, it opens up an entirely new world of collaborative creativity. Because the bespoke timepiece will be a direct and distinctly personal expression of the client, it is from them, that we expect, direction, inspiration, insight. The Jaipur Watch Company will make available every resource imaginable to manifest our client’s vision into a one-of-a-kind watch that is an amalgam of the most luxurious materials, precious embellishments, and innately personal stories. A veritable feast of options is presented and even imagination cannot curtail the limits of your vision. Our team of designers go the extra mile to ensure that your vision isn’t just met but exceeded. To present you with a timepiece that is the ultimate statement of individuality. Personal perfection.

"It is YOUR time, it must also be YOUR timepiece – that’s the simple yet
overwhelming ethos behind our Bespoke timepieces "

Gaurav Mehta