"The intrinsic values of the Jaipur Watch Company are timeless style, perfect craftsmanship and unique story-telling but our core remains Indian-ness."

"To me, each timepiece from Jaipur Watch Company is a gatekeeper of history, and of the owner’s individual essence."

Gaurav Mehta


The Jaipur Watch Company presents several unique ways of experiencing Timeless Time. The horological statement you choose to make can take the shape and form of one of our Ready To Wear lines, or it can be a more personal commission through our Bespoke watchmaking.


Wall of fame


" Since receiving my watch, I have been extremely pleased with it’s accuracy and appearance! Thanks for designing a watch that is as pleasing to the eye, as it is to the pocketbook! I believe my watch is an incredible value, and look forward to many years of it’s use. Looking forward to finally wearing this watch! One of a kind!"

Manish Maurya

" I was so impressed with the Kings Wristwear I received from Jaipur Watch Company and have now ordered an Imperial II Automatic. The delivery went without any problems and the quality of the watch was amazing."

Vishal Jargad

" The Pocket watch looks truly superb! A perfect partner and fitting timepiece for our desks. The design and engineering quality within Jaipur Watch Company’s timepieces is synonymous with the very best."

Amit Agarwal

" The Peacock watch is a fantastic style icon. It is perfectly understated while still being stylish and beautifully crafted. Thank you Jaipur Watch Company for this lovely watch. I'm never going to take this off!"

Sheryl Katoch

"You clearly have a fantastic team of people down there and I will now inevitably only ever buy your watches. I’ve already had a number of comments regarding the watch and have referred them to your website. I look forward to dealing with your company in the future."

Emma Clark

"I’m writing to let you know that my partner was really delighted with his watch – as was I! It arrived in time and it is beautiful, just like the picture. We couldn’t be more pleased, and thank you for being so very helpful with all the arrangements."

Zoya Qureshi