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The Penny Black, introduced in the United Kingdom on May 1, 1840, is recognized as the world's first adhesive postage stamp. It was a key part of Sir Rowland Hill's postal reforms aimed at simplifying and reducing the cost of sending mail, shifting the burden of payment from the recipient to the sender with a uniform postage rate of one penny. Featuring a profile of Queen Victoria and printed in black, the stamp included security features like an intricate background design and identifying letters to prevent forgery. Though it was in use for less than a year, being replaced by the Penny Red in 1841 due to issues with visibility of cancellation marks, the Penny Black made a significant impact on the postal system.
Today, the Penny Black is a highly valued collector's item due to its historical significance. While not the rarest stamp, its pioneering role in postal history makes it particularly prized among philatelists. Its value can vary based on condition, with mint condition stamps and those with clear cancellation marks or on original covers being especially sought after. The Penny Black set the standard for postage stamps worldwide and continues to be celebrated through various commemorations and reproductions, marking its lasting legacy in both philately and communication history.


316 L Grade Stainless Steel 


Penny Black Stamp


1 Pice


34 X 30.2 MM


7 MM




Ronda 1062 Quartz



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